Monopol Colors – the center of excellence for paints

The Center of Excellence for Paints

Monopol Colors produces paints for metallic façades, industrial paints and corrosion protection systems to cater for the highest demands. These paints are used all over the world in architecture, construction and Industry.

  • New for architects: Color Lab with the biggest light chamber in Europe
  • Reproducible quality: over 32,000 colors in the system
  • Fastest service: order by 10 am today, take delivery tomorrow
  • Best paints for metallic façades: lotus effect thanks to fluoropolymer technology
  • Cost-efficient: maximal corrosion protection with minimal film thickness
  • Renovate rather than replace: metallic façades look like new again

The best thing is for you to find out for yourself about our expertise, our products and the people behind them. You can visit us in Fislisbach and we will be happy to take time to show you around: telephone +41 56 484 77 77.

Color Design

Realize your dream in the Color Lab

Playroom for architects: In our Color Lab you can create your very own dream color – without any complicated to-ing and fro-ing. Our designers and technicians will reserve a full day to help you. Matthias Kocher, an architect, says: «In the Color Lab I can define exactly what I have in mind.» Coop Himmelb(l)au has already visited us. When are you coming?

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Corrosion protection ISO 12944

50% less film thickness than ISO recommendation

Compared with the reference film thickness, you save up to 50% with Monopol Colors. Less material equals lower costs equals higher earnings – it’s simple arithmetic. Our certified corrosion protection systems fulfil ISO 12944 and have been approved by the german Institute for Surface Technology.

Corrosion Protection table (PDF)

Paints on demand

Order by 10 am today, take delivery tomorrow

The fastest paint company in Central Europe: if your paint is in our database, we can deliver up to 500 kilograms within 24 hours – whether to Paris, Rome, Vienna or Hamburg. Test our speed now: telephone +41 56 484 77 77.

Façade Renovation

Your façade is optimally protected for 20 years

After renovation with Qualiprotec metallic façades shine like new again and are optimally protected for the next 20 years. Qualiprotec is not a product, but a system: 4-month-test + façade cleaning + application of fluoropolymer paint + 10-year-guarantee = maximum satisfaction. And because far fewer basic and interval cleaning operations are required after the renovation, you can save good money!

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Repair spray from Monopol Colors: Competence from a can

Repair spray

Developed for practical application, child’s play to use: shake can well and spray – always in the same quality, the same color tone, and the same degree of gloss – finished! Competence from a can, from as little as CHF12, 1C and 2C.

Factsheet Repair Spray (PDF)

Monopol Colors: sole Swiss partner of Vestocor

TL-TP/KOR Steel constructions, sheet 87

Monopol Colors is the sole partner of Vestocor in Switzerland for certified coating systems in line with TL-TP-KOR Steel constructions, sheet 87.

TL/TP-KOR Steel constructions Sheet 87